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A New Way to Relieve Office Stress: 'Screamatorium'

Modern work life can be filled with numerous sources of stress throughout the day. Workplace pressures, a hectic pace, and personal life responsibilities can sometimes push people to their limits and even lead to anger outbursts. This is where some interesting solutions come into play.

In recent years, various methods to cope with stress, such as 'anger rooms' or 'scream therapy,' have gained popularity among those seeking stress relief worldwide. These methods are considered ways to reduce stress and achieve a relaxed state of mind. However, one of these trends is developing in a rather intriguing way in the UK's capital, London.

Leadenhall Market has decided to arrange a special 'Screamatorium' for those embracing this new and different approach. This 'Screamatorium' is, as the name suggests, a soundproof room specifically designed for people to scream in without any sound escaping to the outside. Individuals have the opportunity to scream as they wish in this dedicated space. This practice could be a form of therapy, especially for those overwhelmed by workplace stress or seeking an outlet for their tensions, offering an attention-grabbing solution.

This unique initiative in London appears to respond to the needs of employees under workplace stress, especially in the post-pandemic era, where the negative impacts on people's mental health have increased. Work pressures, personal life troubles, and rising therapy costs are prompting individuals to seek alternative solutions.

It should be noted that 'scream therapy' or 'anger rooms' can be a way for some individuals to relax and relieve stress. However, it is important to remember that these therapies lack a scientific foundation and are not a universally applicable solution.

Harold Gouzoules, a professor in the psychology department at Emory University, acknowledges that such therapies became popular in the 1970s and can be relaxing. Still, he emphasizes that different people require different methods to cope with their stress, and screaming may not be a suitable solution for everyone.

In conclusion, there are various ways to alleviate stress in the business world and daily life. Leadenhall Market's 'Screamatorium' stands out as one of these alternatives. The most effective relaxation method varies from person to person, and what matters is for individuals to find a solution that suits their needs.


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