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Architectural Marvel Designed with the Sound of Nature: Setre Marina Hotel

Setre Marina Hotel, proudly situated in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture, not only boasts breathtaking views of the magnificent Lake Biwa but also serves as a catalyst nestled in the heart of its surrounding community. This unique project aims to redefine how future constructions can be managed by blending technology, materials, and nature, paving the way for the construction and reconstruction of projects that connect people to the concepts of natural living and style.

Setre Marina Hotel is located in the transitional zone between the lake and the land, amidst various changes brought about by the developments of the 20th century. The endorheic water bodies in this area have, throughout history, brought people closer to the beauty of Lake Biwa and the surrounding nature, establishing a connection between the city and its natural heritage.

The architectural structure's partition walls are constructed using primitive and traditional plaster and earth techniques. The structure of these walls is characterized by an outer wall made of a mixture of mortar and earth, commonly referred to as the "German wall". The techniques employed in the wall construction reflect an authentic Japanese approach adapted to this application. The appearance of the wall is achieved by using coarse-grain plaster or earth, emphasizing its natural integration.

A chapel located within Setre Marina Hotel is a product of an impressive concept. This space is assumed to be filled with strong natural winds. Therefore, the project is designed to evoke the Aeolian Harp, an instrument played by the wind, as an inspiration. This instrument functions as a space that produces sound when the wind blows, allowing people to experience the power of nature.

The process of producing sound in the hotel's interior spaces based on wind speed has been carefully studied through simulations and model analyses during the design phase. This design incorporates a continuous curved structure using domestic Japanese cedar LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) as a framework, with structural plywood placed on the exterior frame to apply horizontal force. An upper airway is planned as a void space, in which 0.72 mm SUS wires are placed at 91 mm intervals, inducing Karman vortices with airflow around the wires. Resonance occurs due to vibrations when the wires are excited by external forces, resulting in sound production, similar to the resonance that occurs in the construction of a wooden wall. To enhance vibration, an internal thickness of 2.5 mm plywood, as thin as possible, is considered. Additionally, this instrument can be used to control the strength of the wind by adjusting the degree of opening of an opening provided in the east and west.

Setre Marina Hotel offers a unique architectural experience, embracing the beauty of Lake Biwa and the sounds of nature. The power of natural winds and local characteristics provide an exceptional experience for guests at the hotel, allowing them to perceive the transition between nature and architecture.

Please note that this is a translation and may require some editing for specific context and style preferences.

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