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Following the Sound: A Pavilion Addresses the Climate Crisis

As part of the "Iced Sound" project initiated by composer and musician Ramon Landolt, the design team of Alexandra Sonnemans and Caterina Viguera was invited with the task of creating a pavilion in the public space in Zurich. The project aims to compose "music for the glaciers and music with the glaciers" through field recordings, algorithm processing, and performances with various artists in Alpine glacier caves and crevices.

The pavilion and the sound installation represent a glacier that speaks to the city. The sound installation integrated into the façades of the pavilion interacts with the visitors and the surrounding sound environment, offering a dynamic experience. Transformation (or Flow) stands out as one of the main themes of the project; The designers bring the project to life in the context of these concepts.

The pavilion's spatial expression carries a meaning that tells the story of unseen and inaudible, yet fragile landscapes. In this case, the transforming landscapes, which are slowly but also rapidly changing, with important consequences for our planet, are expressed entirely as the result of our human actions. The subjective acoustic and visual narration of the pavilion embodies this tension as an audio exploration of the climate crisis.


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