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Why Is Architectural Acoustics So Important in Any Building?

Architectural acoustics can be defined as the relationship between a sound produced in a space and the users of that space. Sound is found at home, at work, in our social life, in short, in all areas of life. Although it is often overlooked, its accuracy and quality directly affect life. A properly studied acoustic provides comfort in the rooms where we live, work and sit. If wrong, it can also completely destroy a building and render it uninhabitable. For this reason, architectural acoustics is very important for every building.

When it comes to architecture, acoustic considerations should be made in the initial stages of a design. Working with an acoustic consultant by considering the acoustic needs of a building at the beginning of the planning process helps to save time and budget in projects and eliminates acoustic problems that cannot be solved later. Architectural acoustics has a great influence on the achievement of a building's design purpose.

Acoustic consulting, like architecture, is a scientific practice based on modeling, calculations and expert opinion. First, it starts by focusing on the acoustic properties of the existing spatial design. This allows to understand and improve aspects such as speech intelligibility, high reverberation and unnecessary noise transmission in the space.

How can architectural acoustics benefit a space?

Architectural acoustics have positive effects on human health, peace, and general quality of life. There have been many studies that show how the problem of sound and noise can negatively affect people, especially in the areas of education, work, and sleep. At the same time, acoustic enhancement applications can do more than improve the sound and quality of a place. Acoustic products can visually add value and aesthetics to spaces. Maximum efficiency can be achieved if the acoustic application is not only a functional part but also considered a fundamental part of the design.


An acoustic project designed by considering the specific needs of each building for its own purpose offers livable spaces by adding value to the space. Qubi offers the most suitable solutions for the building with its expert staff and professional approach to providing architectural acoustics.

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