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Why Should You Use Acoustic Wall Panel?

Acoustic panels are defined as sound-absorbing decorative panels used on walls and ceilings to reduce echo and background noise in a space. These decoration products, which ensure that the sound does not resonate when it hits the wall, are also preferred as a design product. While wall panels mostly act as sound absorbers, some types can also be used as diffusers. Therefore, they are divided into several categories such as broadband wall panels, acoustic diffusers, leather membrane wall panels, and diffuser front wall panels. Application types generally vary depending on the desired location and function.

In which cases should acoustic wall panels be used?

When the echo or sound resonance of a space is too strong, it is necessary to regulate the acoustics of the space to improve acoustic comfort. Because the echo often gives the impression of unpleasant background noise, spaces with extremely high resonance can cause loss of intelligibility, leading to fatigue, distraction, and lack of concentration for users. Acoustic wall panels increase the acoustic comfort and quality of the space by eliminating such problems.

Benefits of acoustic wall panels

Acoustic panels can be used effectively in various places such as cafes, restaurants, bars, offices, home studios, sports clubs, conservatory halls, medical centers, and schools. Although each area has its own requirements, the main purpose of all of them is to maximize sound quality and intelligibility.

For example, open-plan office environments may have a designated space for a telesales or telemarketing department. Such environments include loud phone calls and an environment that is ready for a distraction. While employees are communicating in such close proximity, acoustic panels placed in a certain area will help to determine the location of the noise by keeping the noise under control. This will create a more comfortable work environment.

The visual appeal of acoustic panels

Acoustic panels can take on different roles in addition to acoustic treatment. They can also be used to give a better structure to the spaces or just as decoration products. They can be customized according to the spirit and colors of the space, improving the interior design. By using Qubi Acoustic Panels on your wall or ceiling, you can complete your decoration while increasing the acoustic quality of the space!

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