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Passive Fire Insulation

Fire insulation covers prevention activities critical to the design, features, and construction of new and renovated buildings.

In this context, Protecta develops various passive fire protection products to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases, and to increase the safety of property and life.

Protecta FireStop is a product we have created by listening to the feedback given by our customers and business partners, with the construction experience we have gained over the years. Our product range offers a comprehensive profile, all tested to European and International standards, many of which have received ETA (European Technical Approval) approval.


Our products offer linear gap sealing systems, gap barriers, membranes, and service transition systems. Protecta develops highly time-saving and bespoke solutions.



Innovative Service


Quality Guarantee

High Performance

  • One of the most recognizable brands in the world

  • Brand image, most structural engineers and designers recommend the Protecta brand.

  • Tailored solutions that fit even the most demanding applications

  • Leader in documents and approvals

  • Protecta quality guarantee

  • High-performance value

  • ISO 9001 Certificate

  • ISO 14001 Certificate

  • ETA Certified Products

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