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The Enchanted Corner of Music: The Music Pavilion in Winterthur

A pianist envisions a serene and magical space entirely dedicated to music. In the picturesque town of Winterthur, Switzerland, nestled within a beautiful garden, plans are underway for a single-story music pavilion. Supported by a simple concrete foundation, the pavilion features walls and a sloping roof constructed from 12 cm thick cross-laminated timber panels. The steeply pitched roof, anchored to both ends of the walls, extends over the eaves, seamlessly blending the interior with the surrounding garden.

The exterior of the building is clad in thick cement fiber panels that shimmer in 21 different shades of blue, creating a striking visual contrast against the lush greenery. Developed in collaboration with the SVNM architectural office and assembled with the support of many friends, the tiled façade conceals a service room layer within the thickness of the triangular-roofed frontage. Here, the natural essence of the materials is revealed, with exposed concrete flooring and the fresh pine grain of the cross-laminated timber panels.

Stepping inside, visitors are greeted by a music chamber accessed via a small staircase. White wooden and textile surfaces reflect the ambient green and blue light, imbuing the interior with a sense of freshness. The lofty triangular roof facilitates optimal sound propagation while descending to eye level along the eaves, offering musicians a sheltered feeling.

The impeccable acoustics of the music pavilion are achieved through walls and ceilings made of sound-permeable fabric. As sound is sensitive to the surfaces of a space and requires ample air to expand, the pavilion's acoustic layer ensures optimal sound distribution.

With a vision to share this unique musical sanctuary with others, the pianist has initiated a small concert series titled "Pavillon Bleu".

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